Dear Patients:

Dear Patients:

We are happy to announce that the Ontario Government and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons have announced that we may resume providing regular dental care.

Our office will be open to provide service beginning June 9th 2020.  We are extremely excited see our extended family and to provide quality, safe and accessible care for our patients. 

We have used the closure, caused by Covid19, to make the necessary changes to our office to provide the highest level of safety for our patients and staff.

We are committed to providing our patients and staff with the most sterile environment possible.  We meet or exceed the Royal College of Dental Surgeons Infection Protection and Control (IPAC) guidelines.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.  We completely disinfect each of our rooms at the beginning of every day.  After each patient we thoroughly disinfect all surfaces including the chair, counter tops, door handles and equipment. This means when you enter for treatment you can be confident that all possible measures have been taken to ensure your safety and comfort.

Additionally, we have installed an air filtration system, (Surgically Clean Air®).  These units remove Virus, Bacteria and Chemicals from the environment, up to 99.998%.

We use disposable equipment such as masks, gloves, cups,  etc.  All these items are used only once to avoid cross contamination.

We follow strict sterilization procedures for all dental instrument between each patient to ensure you have the safest possible experience.

Seating in our office has been reduced to two people.  This allows us to maintain an appropriate social distance.   

If you prefer you can call the office at your arrival and after screening you will be taken directly to treatment area

We provide hand sanitizers at front desk and all treatment rooms and encourage you to use them.

If you don’t have a mask and want one we will provide.

Each day prior to starting shift each staff member is screened and has temperature taken. 

All patients are asked to complete a covid screening as provided by the Ontario Dental Association.

All patients will be screened via phone/email or text when making appointment.   Patients will be screened again at the time of appointment.  Anyone with symptoms of COVID19 will be advised to seek testing and self isolate.

Upon arrival at the office temperature is recorded.  If any positives are recorded, we advise to seek testing and to self isolate as per recommendations. 



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